Ce ni se pregateste ? Autoritatile cer administratorilor cimitirelor sa se pregateasca pentru abilitatea de a acoperi ” un numar mare de morti ca urmare a unui virus”

Administratia Cimitirelor din statul american New York, a transmis tuturor cimitirelor din stat, formulare pentru colectarea unor raspunsuri privind abilitatea lor de a se putea ocupa de acoperirea unui volum foarte mare de morti care ar rezulta in urma unui virus pandemic sau a unui dezastru.

The State of New York Division of Cemeteries has sent out „Mass Fatality forms” to cemeteries in that state to collect data about their ability to deal with the high volume of casualties that would occur if their were a flu pandemic or other disaster. The form letter that this office received was dated April 4, 2007 so clearly preparation for such disasters has been ongoing for some time.

Along with other data, cemeterians were asked in this survey:

„Should a prolonged mass fatality disaster or pandemic flu occur in your community would your cemetery be able to provide temporary or permanent internment space for a significant number of disaster or flu deaths in additional to your current burial services?”

Cemetery owners were also asked to detail the business structure and capacity of their facilities, including proximity to roads, train lines and airfields. The Division of Cemeteries requested data to calculate the number of acres that could be made available „at 950 graves per acre.”

It is clear that emergency and disaster forces are being mobilized at the state and federal level. There is no data to predict what disasters could come– forces of nature, false-flag attacks, biological attacks/ flu outbreaks, quarantines etc. However, a pattern of data including news items, reports, photos and tips have all pointed to an incremental gearing up for a cataclysmic situation that includes mass casualties.

Whether it is half a million plastic coffin liners videotaped at a truck depot, or massive expansion at dozens of cemeteries across the country or FEMA and Homeland Security agents preparing for an avian bird flu outbreak, it is clear that government agencies are expecting something to happen and their agencies are expanding in accordance.

As this site reported yesterday, a number of incidents have demonstrated a federal preoccupation with a mass casualty incident– and it started before 9/11 ever happened.

The state of Colorado issued an executive order in 2000 asserting its authority to bury victims in mass graves and/or cremate bodies under emergency situations.

Jim Erickson of The Rocky Mountain News reported February 8, 2003 that:

The state of Colorado could seize antibiotics, cremate disease-ridden corpses
and, under extreme circumstances, dig mass graves under executive orders
drafted for use in the event of a bioterrorism attack.

D.H. Williams reported in February on an Indiana county municipal official who received detailed requests from FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security in regards to locations for mass graves, preparations for regional refugees, preparations for economic collapse and budget cuts under a GM collapse, as well as the locations of major installations, emergency assets and more.

The official, speaking in this recording, says that he became concerned about the intentions of the FEMA and DHS officials after repeated meetings where scenarios were discussed that included a bird flu outbreak as well as fires, floods and earthquakes.

The authorities that be have warned in their white papers that United States could face rioting; financial collapse seems very possible; and now it is clear that preparations include widespread death and emergency conditions. What do they see coming?


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  1. si in italia au scos o multime de morti si se…elibereaza…columbarele…asa se cheama „cutiile”de ciment din peretii inconjuratori ai cimitirelor.CE SA FIE,CE SA FIE?!? PESTE TOT;DE LA SUD LA NORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FAC LOC PENTRU NOI???AU VRE-UN GAND:::CU NOI?!? OBSERVATI SI la voi si spuneti-ne ceva!!! URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. mai vezi si AICI: apoi vezi si AICI: Asta pentru a vedea mai COMPLET toate lucrurile.Citeste pana la capat,NU te-am trimis acolo fara motive intemeiate! Asa sa ne ajute Dumnezeu!

  3. Babi…in Romania nu avem informatii despre activitati in cimitire de genul din Italia…aici e cu totul alta situatie..este destul loc pt morti,dar daca vrei sa afli opinia sumbra a autoritatilor uite aici un articol intern.:O jumătate din populaţia lumii ar putea contracta gripa porcină, în cazul unei pandemii, potrivit UE

    Teoretic, în caz de pandemie de gripă porcină, până la jumătate din populaţia lumii ar putea contracta boala, a estimat Agenţia de Sănătate a Uniunii Europene, bazându-se pe ceea ce s-a întâmplat în timpul celor trei pandemii din secolul XX.

    Între 25% şi 30% dintre oameni s-au îmbolnăvit de gripă spaniolă în 1918, de gripă asiatică în 1957 şi de gripă Hong Kong în 1968, a declarat Angus Nicoll, care conduce programul consacrat gripei din cadrul Centrului european pentru controlul maladiilor, cu sediul la Stockholm.

    „Ţinând cont că o treime dintre persoanele care au fost contaminate nu s-au îmbolnăvit, rezultă o rată de contaminare de 50%”, a adăugat el. Circa 4% dintre cei care au contractat aceste tipuri de gripă au necesitat spitalizare, a spus el. Dintre persoanele care s-au îmbolnăvit în timpul pandemiilor din 1957 şi din 1968, proporţia acestor decese s-a stabilizat sub 0,2%, adică un nivel foarte scăzut”, a afirmat Nicoll.

    În cazul gripei spaniole, „o pandemie foarte neobişnuită” pe care expertul nu a vrut să o compare cu gripa porcină, această rată a fost de 2%-3%. „Nu aş vrea să spun că vom vedea din nou acelaşi lucru”, a subliniat el, precizând că este vorba de un nou virus.

  4. Scumpule,iti multumesc,am citit mesajele tale! Se poate sti cum e cu intrarea in tara la aeropoarte sau terestra,ca mi se pare ca se intampla lucruri cam…ciudate!!! Stiu foarte multe din lucrurile pe care mi le-ai spus,eu va urmaresc foarte atent,nu-mi lipsesc prea multe stiri(cred,sper…),trec de la un blog la celalalt,sigur,blogurile care nu sunt prea…”cumintele”…Stii ce vreau sa zic! Hristos a inviat! Dumnezeu sa ne ajute pe noi toti!

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